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Hoa Binh Lake tour

Hoa Binh Lake explore tour from Mai Chau

  • Explore Hoa Binh Lake, the biggest artificial lake in Vietnam
  • Enjoy great view from the boat ride
  • Visit caves, islands and temples
  • Cool of with a swim in the lake
mai chau day tour

Pa Co village and batik workshop

  • Visit an authentic Hmong village
  • On Sunday you can visit a local market
  • Join a batik workshop and learn about the local minority culture
Tat Nang Waterfall

Pa Co village and Tat Nang Waterfall

  • Visit an authentic minority village
  • On Sunday you can visit a local market
  • Explore the area with rice fields, plantations and a beautiful waterfall
viewpoint Mai Chau loop

The Mai Chau loop

  • Visit the two best viewpoints in Mai Chau
  • Drive through local villages and along the largest artificial lake in Southeast Asia
  • Enjoy a cool dip in a beautiful waterfall