Vietnam Visa Invitation Letter

If your country is not eligible for the Vietnam e-visa, the Vietnam Visa Invitation Letter provides an alternative solution. This letter allows you to board a flight to Vietnam and obtain a visa on arrival. However, it is important to note that the process for the visa on arrival is more expensive and time-consuming compared to the e-visa. Therefore, it is recommended to check the eligibility list for the e-visa option first before considering the Visa Invitation Letter.

What is the Vietnam visa approval letter?

Vietnam visa approval letter is typically for travelers who are unable to obtain an Vietnam e-visa or who are not eligible for visa-free entry to the destination country.

The Vietnam visa approval letter, also known as the visa pre-approval letter, is an official document issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department (under the Ministry of Public Security). This letter serves as a requirement for obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival.

It confirms that the visa applicant’s information has been reviewed and approved, allowing them to board their flight to Vietnam. The visa approval letter contains essential details such as the applicant’s name, passport information, visa type, entry/exit dates, and the sponsoring agency’s information. Upon arrival at the designated Vietnam airport, the visa holder presents the approval letter to the immigration authorities, who will then stamp the visa into their passport.

How to get a visa approval letter for Vietnam?

To obtain a visa approval letter for Vietnam, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact a reliable local travel agency that offers visa approval letter services for Vietnam. You can often apply for it online through their website.
  2. Prepare the required documents, including:
    • Your Vietnam tour itinerary
    • Your hotel booking confirmation letter
    • Your flight e-tickets to and from Vietnam
    • Your travel insurance policy
    • Scanned copies of all passports with at least six months’ validity from the date of arrival in Vietnam.
  3. Submit the necessary documents to the travel agency. If you have booked your tour with the same agency, they may assist you in preparing the required documents.
  4. The travel agency will verify your eligibility and submit the forms to the Vietnam Immigration Department on your behalf.
  5. The processing time for the visa approval letter is typically 7-10 working days. Urgent processing options (3-4 working days) may be available at an additional cost.
  6. Once your visa approval letter is issued, it will be sent to you via email. Make sure to carefully check all the details on the letter to ensure accuracy.
  7. Print out the visa approval letter and carry it with you to the airport. The letter will be checked before you board your flight to Vietnam.
  8. Upon arrival in Vietnam, present your printed visa approval letter. The immigration officers will verify your documents and stamp your visa into your passport.

Please note that by default, a one-month single-entry visa is granted. If you require a different type of visa, such as one-month multiple entry, three-month single entry, or three-month multiple entry, the travel agency will need to assess your eligibility for a non-default approval letter.

It is important to choose a reputable travel agency and carefully follow their instructions throughout the visa approval process.

How much does a Vietnam visa on arrival letter cost?

The cost of a visa approval letter for Vietnam varies depending on several factors, including the type of visa, the processing speed required, and the number of applicants in your group. These factors can affect the overall cost of obtaining the pre-approval letter.

Local Vietnam does not offer Vietnam visa approval letters

At present, Local Vietnam does not offer the service of arranging visa approval letters. Therefore, if you require assistance with the application process or have any inquiries regarding visa approval letters, it is advisable to get in touch with a reputable visa agent or service provider who can provide the necessary guidance and support.

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