Pa Co village and Tat Nang Waterfall

  • Visit an authentic minority village
  • On Sunday you can visit a local market
  • Explore the area with rice fields, plantations and a beautiful waterfall


Make a nice day trip to Pa Co Village. With almost no other tourist it is a very authentic feeling and if you are there on Sunday you can even visit the local market. Explore the surrounding area with rice fields, plantations and a beautiful waterfall


The day starts early with a drive about 30 km to catch the market in full swing. If you are lucky to stay in Mai Chau on Sunday you can visit the traditional Pa Co Sunday market.  Pa Co is the village of Hmong people, known for their needlework and indigo dyeing. At Pa Co market you can see local women in authentic clothes selling different types of handmade embroidery and hand-dyed Indigo cotton with patterns. Here you can buy some local food – doughnuts filled with meat or beans, boiled corn and fresh fruits. If you are not there on Sunday, you will explore in and around the village.

As soon as you are done with shopping and taking pictures at the market and village, you will climb up the mountain and look at Pa Co village from above. Visit the tea farm and plum garden (in February and March you can see plum blossom).

After that you will drive down towards Tat Nang Waterfall. Here you will enjoy the view of rice terraces from the height and pass by small villages between mountains. When you arrive at Tạt Nang Waterfall you will take a break for tea with snacks at local style cafe. Tat Nang Waterfall is seen from a distance, but as you come closer you will feel the power of the water element that tends down, runs between rocks and trees. In winter time you have an option to visit a natural hot spring bath nearby.

After enjoying all of that and feeling refreshed, you will turn back to your accommodation in Mai Chau.


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