International Labor Day in Vietnam – What you should expect

International Labor Day, celebrated on May 1st in Vietnam, is a public holiday where travelers can expect a lively atmosphere with various events and festivities. However, some businesses and services may have altered schedules, and popular tourist sites could be crowded, so planning ahead and being prepared for potential crowds can enhance the travel experience.

Traveling during International Labor Day in Vietnam

International Labor Day, also known as May Day, is celebrated in Vietnam. It is recognized as a public holiday and falls on May 1st each year. International Labor Day in Vietnam serves as a tribute to workers, highlighting their contributions and advocating for their rights.

It is noteworthy that International Labor Day coincides with Reunification Day, which is celebrated on April 30th, marking the reunification of North and South Vietnam. When either of these days falls on a weekend, they are observed on the following weekday, creating an extended holiday period. This makes it one of the longest holidays in Vietnam.

During this time, many Vietnamese take the opportunity to travel, either returning to their hometowns to visit their parents or exploring domestic and international destinations. Consequently, accommodations, buses, trains, and flights tend to be fully booked, and popular tourist sites can be extremely crowded.

For travelers planning to visit Vietnam during this period, it is advisable to plan and book accommodations, transportation, and activities well in advance, ideally a month or two ahead. By doing so, you can secure your arrangements and avoid any inconveniences caused by high demand and crowded tourist areas.

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