Phong Nha tours

The best Phong Nha tours will take you through the most impressive caves and deep jungle. Or enjoy leisurely walks and kayaking on the river.

The best Phong Nha tours & local experiences

Phong Nha National Park tour
Phong Nha National Park tour with caving & kayaking
Hang Va cave tour
Hang Va cave exploration 2 days
Tu Lan cave tour
Tu Lan cave expedition 3 days
Tu Lan cave tour
Tu Lan cave exploration 2 days
Tu Lan cave tour
Tu Lan cave discovery 1 day
Hang En cave tour
Hang En adventure camping in cave 2 days 1 night
Han Tien cave tour
Hang Tien cave discovery 1 day
Han Tien cave tour
Hang Tien cave exploration 2 days 1 nights
Han Tien cave tour
Hang Tien cave expedition 3 days 2 nights
Paradise Cave & Dark Cave tour
Paradise Cave and Dark Cave
Phong Nha & dark cave tour
Phong Nha Cave and Dark Cave
Phong Nha & Paradise cave tour
Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave

About Phong Nha

Nowhere in the world can you find so much natural spectacle as in the Phong Nha-ke Bang National Park. Caves so big that a complete block of houses would fit in and a landscape full of karst mountains that will instantly impress you.

Frequently asked questions about Phong Nha tours

Both underground and above ground, Phong Nha is a highlight of Vietnam. It has impressive jungle to hike through, a calm river for kayaking and a peaceful countryside to enjoy the tranquility.

10 Phong Nha tours highlight

Tu Lan cave

1. Caving expeditions

The real adventurers should definitely go on a cave expedition. Swimming, climbing and rappelling in a completely dark cave.

Hang Pygme camping

2. Camping

Another adventurous activity is camping. You can camp in the middle of the jungle or even in a cave!

Paradise Cave Phong Nha

3. Cave walks

If you want to explore the caves in a less adventurous way, there are a lot of beautiful caves in Phong Nha with landscaped paths and lighting.

Dark Cave

4. Water activities

Kayaking, zip lines above the river and inflatable islands floating in the water. The perfect place to be on hot days.

Phong Nha jungle trekking

5. Jungle trekking

Everything you thought how a jungle would be or as you see in movies. The best way to explore it is by trekking tour.

Phong Nha driving motorbike

6. Drive around

A less tiring way, but no less fun, is to ride a scooter or motorcycle through the park. You can combine a wonderful jungle ride with countryside.

boat trip in Phong Nha

7. Boat trip

If you want to go to Phong Nha cave you can enjoy a quiet boat trip through the countryside and past minority villages.

Phong Nha minotiry village

8. Minority villages

In and around the national park you will find unique minority cultures. Visit villages to learn more about their culture.

Botanic Gardens waterfall

9. Botanic Gardens

In the Botanic Gardens you can take a walk through the jungle without a guide and swim at a waterfall.

Karst Villas homestay in Phong Nha

10. Relax

The place is also perfect for sitting back with a book and enjoying the peace and the view.

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