Vietnam in November - Weather & Best places to visit

Vietnam in November brings mild temperatures and less rainfall, making it a favorable time to visit. You can enjoy pleasant weather conditions as you explore the diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and cultural treasures of Vietnam during this month.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider traveling to Vietnam in November

  1. Pleasant weather: The cooler and drier climate in November makes it an ideal time to explore the country without being overwhelmed by heat and humidity.
  2. Festivals and events: November is a month of numerous festivals and events, such as the Hue Festival, that showcase Vietnam’s cultural and historical richness.
  3. Stunning autumn foliage: In the mountainous regions of Sapa, Da Lat, and Hanoi, you can witness the breathtaking autumn foliage, which is particularly enchanting during this month.
  4. Fewer crowds: As the peak tourist season is yet to begin, you can explore the country’s top attractions without dealing with the crowds and queues that typically come with it.

A quick overview

Vietnam weather in November

November is generally a good month to visit Vietnam as it marks the transition from the rainy season to the cooler and drier months. You can expect pleasant weather with milder temperatures and less rainfall across the country. However, it’s important to note that weather conditions can still vary between regions.

In northern Vietnam, places like Hanoi, Sapa, and Halong Bay experience average temperatures ranging from 17°C to 25°C (63°F to 77°F). There might be occasional light showers, but overall it’s a great time for outdoor exploration and visiting popular destinations.

Central Vietnam, including cities like Da Nang, Hoi An, and Hue, enjoys pleasant temperatures ranging from 22°C to 30°C (72°F to 86°F). The region is still in its rainy season, however there is less rainfall compared to the previous two months.

Southern Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, and Phu Quoc Island, experiences average temperatures of around 25°C to 33°C (77°F to 91°F). The region is heading to its dry season, characterized by less rainfall and plenty of sunshine. It’s a great time to explore the bustling city, take a boat tour in the Mekong Delta, and enjoy the stunning beaches of Phu Quoc.

Overall, November provides favorable weather conditions for exploring various regions of Vietnam. Whether you’re interested in cultural experiences, natural landscapes, or beach relaxation, this month offers a pleasant climate to make the most of your trip.

Events in November in Vietnam

There are several events and festivals taking place in November in Vietnam. Here are some of them:

  1. Vietnam International Industrial Fair: This annual trade fair is held in Ho Chi Minh City in November and showcases the latest technologies, products, and services in the industrial sector.
  2. Vietnam Mountain Marathon: This challenging race takes place in Sapa in early November and offers runners the chance to explore the beautiful mountain scenery of northern Vietnam.
  3. World Heritage Road Festival: This festival is held in Hue in late November and celebrates the cultural heritage of Vietnam’s central region. Visitors can enjoy traditional music, dance, and food.
  4. Halong Bay Heritage Marathon: This scenic marathon takes place in Halong Bay in mid-November and offers runners stunning views of the bay’s limestone islands.
  5. Hoi An Lantern Festival: This monthly festival takes place on the 14th day of the lunar month in Hoi An and features thousands of colorful lanterns, traditional music, and street food.
  6. Ok Om Bok Festival: This festival is celebrated by the Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region in early November and marks the end of the rice harvest. Visitors can enjoy traditional dance performances and boat races.
  7. Independence Day: November 30th is Vietnam’s National Day and is celebrated with parades and fireworks displays in major cities throughout the country.

Best places to visit in Vietnam in November

November is a great month to visit Vietnam as it marks the end of the rainy season in most parts of the country, and the weather is generally mild and pleasant. Here are some of the best places to visit in Vietnam in November:

  1. Hanoi: The capital city of Vietnam offers a mix of cultural and historical experiences, and the cooler weather in November makes it a great time to explore the city’s many attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, or the Old Quarter.
  2. Halong Bay: November is an ideal month to visit Halong Bay as the clear and sunny weather allows for stunning views of the bay’s limestone karsts and caves. You can also enjoy activities such as kayaking, swimming, and hiking.
  3. Sapa: Sapa is a mountainous region in the north of Vietnam known for its stunning rice terraces and ethnic minority villages. In November, the rice terraces are at their most beautiful and colorful, making it a great time for trekking and photography.
  4. Hue: This former imperial capital in central Vietnam offers a wealth of cultural and historical attractions such as the Citadel, the Tombs of the Emperors, and the Perfume River. In November, the weather is mild and pleasant, making it a great time to explore the city and enjoy its traditional cuisine.
  5. Hoi An: This charming ancient town in central Vietnam is particularly magical in November when it is adorned with colorful lanterns. The cool weather also makes it a great time to explore the town’s picturesque streets and enjoy local cuisine.
  6. Phu Quoc Island: Located in the south of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island offers white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful coral reefs. November is the perfect time to visit as the weather is sunny and dry.

These are just a few of the many great places to visit in Vietnam in November. No matter where you go, be sure to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly

Tips for traveling in November

  1. Witness the vibrant atmosphere of the Hue Festival, showcasing traditional arts, music, and performances.
  2. Pack comfortable walking shoes and explore the beautiful waterfalls and caves in destinations like Dalat and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.
  3. Enjoy the milder temperatures and comfortable weather, making it an ideal time for outdoor exploration and sightseeing.

November per destination

FAQ about traveling in November

Is the weather in November good for traveling in Vietnam?

The weather in November is generally good for traveling in Vietnam. It is the start of the dry season, so there is less rain and humidity compared to the earlier months of the year. Temperatures are also more moderate, with cooler weather in the north and warmer weather in the south.

How busy are the tourist areas during November in Vietnam?

The level of tourist activity in November in Vietnam can vary depending on the specific location and the events happening during that time. In general, the beginning of November is a quieter period with fewer tourists compared to the end of the month, which sees an increase in visitors. The coastal areas and cities, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoi An, tend to be busier than other places. However, it is not as busy as December or January, which are peak travel seasons in Vietnam. Overall, November is a good time to travel to Vietnam for those looking to avoid the crowds but still enjoy good weather.

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