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Tu Lan cave tour

Tu Lan cave expedition 3 days

  • Enjoy trekking, caving, climbing and swimming.
  • The very best wild caves of the region including Rat Cave, Ken Cave, Kim Cave,  Hung Ton Cave, Song Oxalis Cave and Tu Lan Cave!
  • It is a more in challenging experience as you’ll see more of the caves and go much further into the jungle!
  • Overnight at two spectacular campsites
Tu Lan cave tour

Tu Lan cave exploration 2 days

  • Perfect if you are short on time but still want a solid taste of adventure in the amazing Tu Lan jungle and cave system.
  • Enjoy exploring Ken Cave, Kim Cave, Hung Ton Cave and of course Tu Lan Cave.
  • Decent amount of trekking with over 12 km of tough jungle terrain and plenty of swimming!
  • Camp at a beautiful waterfall.
Tu Lan cave tour

Tu Lan cave discovery 1 day

  • Full day of adventure!
  • Visit two caves: Hang Chuot and the impressive Hung Ton Cave, part of Tu Lan Cave system’s.
  • Enjoy lunch next to a waterfall.