Datanla waterfall in Dalat: Roller coaster, cable car, zip line & canyoning

Datanla waterfall is 5 km south of Dalat. You can not only visit the waterfall for the view, but you can also participate in adventurous activities such as canyoning, abseiling and even a roller coaster. The waterfall has different “levels”, each with a different “activity”. In addition to these activities, there is also a restaurant and souvenir shop.

The waterfall is located on the N20, less than 400 meters from the road. According to legend, fairies bathed here and laid their hair to dry on the smooth stones, hence the second name: Suoi Tien, “fairy river”.

How to get to Datanla Falls?

To get to the falls with a scooter or motorcycle, you drive 20 kilometers from Dalat on Highway 20 (N20). The entrance to Datanla is on your right. It’s hard to miss: a huge billboard at the entrance shows all possible activities at the waterfall.

Many tours that are done from Dalat have a visit to the Datanla waterfall as part of a day trip, or you can easily get there by taxi.

View the location on Google Maps here.

Ticket price at Datanla Waterfall Resort:
Access to the Datanla waterfall is 30,000 VND per adult and 15,000 VND per child.

When to visit Datanla waterfall

You can go any season, but the best time is the end of the rainy season from November to the end of March. If you go to the falls during the rainy season, this can be dangerous because walking over the waterfall is very slippery.

The stairs along Datanla waterfall

The stairs are designed quite steeply and descend to the waterfall with 200 steps. The total length of the path is approximately 1 km and takes approximately 30 minutes to walk along the waterfall. It is interesting to see the difference between each level of the waterfall and the beautiful surroundings.

Datanla waterfall

Roller coaster

With the roller coaster down is the choice of most visitors to the waterfall. The course is approximately 1 kilometer long and runs down the trees. A roller coaster ride is 50,000 VND per person. You can determine the sliding speed yourself, but count on a minimum of 20 km / h to 40 km / h, depending on how much you brake. A cart is good for 2 people with a hand brake to adjust the speed.

roller coaster Datanla waterfall in Dalat

Datanla roller coaster is used both as an attraction and as a real transport system. The roller coaster is used to reach Datanla Falls at the bottom of the hill. Unlike other roller coasters, the starting point is at the top of the track and the cart must descend the slope to reach the bottom of the ride. Then you leave the cart below to visit the waterfalls and after your visit you can go back to the top with a cart.

roller coaster Datanla

Cable car

The cable car is installed rather high and floats above the waterfall. This is the best way to see the landscape with mountains, forests and the waterfall.

Ticket price is 50,000 VND for a single ticket.

Datanla cable car

Abseiling and canyoning tour

This is the best activity in the Datanla waterfall, with abseiling, natural slides, cliff jumping, hiking and swimming.

You will be taken to the gorge by shuttle bus and you will meet the guide who will tell you everything you need to know before you go into the wilderness. Put on a suit of armor, fasten your life jacket and start an 18-meter descent to the river, where you will be clamped to an abseil line that will lead you to the forest.

canyoning Danatla waterfall

The next part of the trail you will slide down rocks into gentle rapids, where you will float further before you have to abseil again from a waterfall of 25 meters high.

canyoning Danatla waterfall

At the end, you can jump from a 7 meter high waterfall and an exciting 13 meter high waterfall that is called the washing machine.

Read more about canyoning in Dalat here!

High Rope park

If you are a fan of the great outdoors and physical activity, this High Rope Course is highly recommended. This activity is also fun for children. This exciting 2-hour adventure takes you through the lush trees of Dalat as you cross obstacle courses of varying degrees of difficulty, perfect for participants of all ages.

zip line Dalat
High Rope park Dalat
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