Sustainable travel

Tourism is a large industry, with a huge potential for economic growth and employment. Unfortunately, tourism also has negative effects on nature and local cultures. Sustainable tourism is a way of travelling that you respects the environment, culture, people, nature in all the places you go to, to preserve the beauty for the next generation to enjoy.

As a provider of activities, Local Vietnam feels responsible to reduce the pressure that tourism brings on the natural and social environment of our destinations. Our mission is bring more and more sustainability into our business processes. We are a company that strives for continuous improvement in responsible travel. We regularly take our own products under scrutiny and we participate in projects seeking sustainable solutions

What can you do

Respect local culture
Read carefully the rules of dressing, greeting, contacting, eating habits and visiting religious cultural sites. Always say thank you when being helped by local people.

Bring your own water bottle and bag
Bring a water bottle and bag instead of a disposable plastic water bottle and plastic bags.

Do not visit or participate in animal abuse activities
Avoid animal abuse activities such as elephant riding, dolphin show, monkey circus and bear circus…

Eat vegetarian as much as possible
The meat processing industry is the most polluted industry in the world. To be good for the environment you can reduce meat consumption as much as possible. Also try to eat local food, as it does not has to be imported and you support local communities.

Support local people
You can support the local population by using their tourist service, accommodation and homestays.

Respect local people when taking photos
Ask permission of the people first before taking photos of them.

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