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In this Bac Ha Market tour near Sapa is you visit the biggest minority market in Northwest Vietnam held every Sunday. With the bright clothes of the local minority this is a very colorful market. Here you will see Flower Hmong (Red Hmong), Black Dao, La Chi, Phu La, Tay and Nung minority who walk from far to sell and buy a large variety of goods, livestock and for socializing. Bac Ha Market used to be the main place for horse trading, but since they are replaced for motorbikes it is more common to see cows, buffalo, fish, goats, and other cattle. The market opens early, around 7.30 AM and closes in mid-afternoon, so it is advised to start your Bac Ha Market tour from Sapa early.


  • Visit the biggest minority market in Northwest Vietnam
  • Make pictures of colorful minority and cattle on the Bac Ha Sunday Market
  • Learn more about the culture at a local village


Your Bac Ha Market tour starts from Sapa or Lao Cai with a 110 km from Sapa (2,5 hour) or a 72 km drive from Lao Cai (1,5 hour).

Arriving at Bac Ha Market you have plenty of time to walk around, enjoy the atmosphere and make lots of pictures of the local minority trading goods and cattle. If you want you can try out your bargaining skills to buy local products, such as bags and purses from the friendly minorities.

Bac Ha Market tourBac Ha Market tour

Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant with a variety of food. If you want you can try the traditional local lunch of Thang Co (horse stew) and strong corn wine.

After lunch you will be driven to Ban Pho village, a local village where Flower Hmong, Tay and Nung minorities live. Here you can take a short hike around the village and learn more about the culture.

There is a one hour horse cart trip from Ban Pho village to Na Hoi village. You can also choose to hike this, if you feel sorry for the horse; good walking choose are recommended.

Your Bac Ha Market tour end with a drive back to Sapa or Lao Cai.


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