Review Sewing Bee Tailors in Hoi An

There are a lot of different tailors in Hoi An, which can make it very hard to find the right one for you.

The process

Step 1: Finding out what you want

When you get into the shop, the first thing you do is finding out what you want. You could prepare pictures or show photos on your phone what you had in mind or look at the different brochures, to point out what you want. Next you are going to choose which fabrics need to be used for your tailor made clothes.

Step 2: Measuring

Get measured for the right sizes.

Step: Making your tailored made clothes

Sewing Bee is going to make your clothes. Often your clothes are already made within 24 hours, but that depends how complicated it is.

Why Sewing Bee?

The quality of Sewing Bee is similar to the bigger and more well known tailors in Hoi An, like Be Be and BiBi Silk, though the price is often lower. They also have over 10 years of experience. You can check the public reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor:

Directions to Sewing Bee Tailors

Sewing Bee is located in the Cloth Market at Stall 11.

If you are walking towards the bridge to Cam Nam island on Hoang Dieu Street, you will find the entrance to the cloth market on your right.

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