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From May 2018, Dutch passport holders who want to travel to Vietnam can apply for an online e-visa for Vietnam. This e-visa is valid for 28 international border crossings, including the airports of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

What is an E-visa?

The E-visa is an electronic visa that can only be issued by the Vietnamese immigration service. This can therefore only be obtained through the official website of the Vietnamese immigration service.

Important: Many websites and companies also call a Visa on Arrival an E-Visa. Although you also request this online, this is not the same. For a Visa on Arrival you will receive an approval letter that you use on arrival to collect your visa. This is therefore not the same as an E-Visa. Read here The differences between an E-visa and a Visa On Arrival.

Apply for E-Visa

You can apply for the Vietnam e-visa through the website of the Vietnamese immigration service by completing an application form and paying the visa in advance (currently USD $ 25). After this you will receive a code with which you can check the status of your application on the website via this link, and for printing the E-visa when it has been issued.

Important to know

  • Vietnam e-visa is valid for 30 days with Single Entry. If you want to enter Vietnam multiple times and visit more than 1 month, you should consider using Vietnam Visa On Arrival.
  • Vietnam e-visa can only be requested for the purpose of a holiday.
  • With the Vietnam E visa you can enter Vietnam via 8 international airports, 13 international border crossings and via 7 seaports throughout the country.
  • This type of visa is very new, which is why some certain airlines or even immigration staff at the airports are not aware and can therefore make it difficult or even refuse.
  • You must always have a copy of the e-visa with you during your stay
  • Minors with their own passport must complete a complete e-visa application. Minors aged 14 years and younger who are included in their parents ‘passports must be included in their parents’ e-visa application.

The differences between an E-visa and a Visa On Arrival

List of countries that can apply for E-Visa Vietnam

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